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new album: F.E.E.L



out now !!!!!!  

2020-08-30 _ deafcon
2020-08-30 18_07_42-Bücher portofrei bes
2020-08-30 18_09_54-No.1 Heavy Metal Onl
2020-09-09 20_16_15-Elektronik, Technik
2020-08-30 17_58_47-Deafcon5 F.E.E.L. –
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We all pretend we would not care, that it doesn't touch us i.n.s.i.d.e.
But everybody is craving for emotions and
everybody needs to find his own way.
Listen to our new Album and we'll take you on a memorable journey.   F.E.E.L


abstrakte Struktur



F.E.E.L - 2020







Fates Warning: 15th of August 2008 a handful of hamburg musicians tried to found a really cool rockband. Not very successful anyway, but a try.


As always, musicians are too strange to combine forces (only after a long run), and the structure, organisation, aiming was not fitting, or even a different idea of music was present...
The initial formation split up already in 2009; the remainders Heiko (Bass), Micha (Voices) and Nico (Ex-Drummer) searched succesfully for a new member called Dennis (guitar). First new and common ideas were born and the style of the band grew.

After the initiation of Frank (Keys), the first recording "High Deafinition" was recorded and published in 2012. Shortly after the drummer left the band for good spirit and a new drummer (Sebastian) came into the game, giving new influences.

After a bit of touring, the band decided to get back to songwriting and after a lot of practicing (2014-2016) the new album "Track of Dirt" was recorded at Tonbau 43 and released with support of the Wacken Foundation. More details, more samples, more loops... More ideas! The first concept resulted in the Calendarium Suite.


Afterwards mainly the drummer initiated the first concept album, describing the 7 main feelings of f/m/d and how it is influencing the daily life. 2019 the recordings started in Tonbau 43 again, although many of the members had to fight with personal strokes of faith. Despite of this, the resulting piece of music is the best the band ever made, without breaking up. It was mixed and mastered by Simone Mularoni in Italy - thank you!


So - where are we special? We are trying to combine different influences, getting to a style which is maybe not new, but recognized by the people. We love to entertain you :-)

Michael Gerstle: Vocals
Dennis Altmann: Guitars
Frank Feyerabend: Keyboard, Synthesizer
Frank Schwaneberg: Bass
Sebastian Moschüring: Drums, Sampler

D5_Logo-Textur (2).png


Label /         Dr. Music Records
PR Agency/    Dr. Music Promotion 
                                  Miriam Guigueno & Torsten Wohlgemuth GbR
Booking / /
                         Tel: 040 / 410 943 97

Contact /       Tel:+49/176 34 73 26 67

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